All About Beagles

The Beagle
This breed has been around since around the 1830s. Beagles have an excellent sense of smell and tracking ability. Beagles are great pets due to their gentle and loving personalities. The average Beagle is between 15lbs and 30lbs. They make good watch dogs because their howl and bark can get attention.

So Just How Good is a Beagle’s Sense of Smell?
It is exceptionally good. A Beagle can smell about 10,000 times better than a human. Here is a little story about my experience with a Beagle’s sense of smell. I have a female Beagle that just had a litter of pups. While she was in her whelping box with the puppies I decided to try to sneak up on her. I went outside while it was raining and quietly walked around behind her house (which is closed in). I didn’t make a sound. I peeked in through a peep hole so I could see her and she was steady looking around and smelling. She finally came out of her house to see where I was. She didn’t hear me but she could smell me.

Cold Prepping Your Beagle
My beagles stay outside in the South East climate where it rarely gets below 30 degrees. I have a 150 watt heat lamp in their dog house that comes on when the out side thermostat hits 40 degrees. When the forecast is in the low 30s, I change the 150 watt bulb out with a 250 watt bulb to provide more heat. I used to have the heat lamp turn on at 50 degrees but I would find the Beagles laying outside of the dog house because it was to warm. They seem to like it coming on at 40 degrees.

New Beagle Puppies Tips
Feed your puppy a food for puppies softened with water for about a month. Then you can give it puppy food without water in it. Give your puppy fresh water in their water bowl every day. Don’t just add water to the bowl, dump the old water and put fresh water in.

Your new beagle puppy may stress a little from living in a new environment. Symptoms could include not eating much and an irritated stomach. There is no need to panic because the puppy may take some time to adjust to the new environment.

If you are house training your new puppy here are some tips. After your puppy eats the last bite he/she will usually start looking for a place to use the bathroom. After last bite take the puppy outdoors to develop the habit of using the bathroom outside. After your puppy uses the bathroom outside reinforce the good behavior with some love.